As you all know from my previous post I am working on a funnel for the company where I work. I finished the funnel and presented to them yesterday and the reaction I received was not what I expected.

I spent the entire day yesterday finishing up with the final…

Something I have heard being said while following people like Grant Cardone and Russell Brunson closely for the past few months is that don’t try to go at it alone, you need people.

Few months ago when I made the definitive decision to leverage my knowledge of supply chain and…

While I’m busy launching a funnel for myself as well as launching one for the company where I have a full-time job, both involving physical products, I came to the realization of having to also learn to generate a revenue stream that does not involve selling physical products.

Launching a…

Soheil Tabrizi

Grew up and lived in Dubai for 18 years, started a new journey mid-Covid and moved to Toronto. Currently busy working on my 5-year goals. 10X!

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