Collaborating and Co-branding

Something I have heard being said while following people like Grant Cardone and Russell Brunson closely for the past few months is that don’t try to go at it alone, you need people.

Few months ago when I made the definitive decision to leverage my knowledge of supply chain and sourcing and start launching my own sales funnels I was even contemplating to quit my job so I could focus on my new venture. After speaking to close friends about this they told me how this won’t be a good decision specially since one of my friends who was at the same cross-roads a few years back quit his job only to go back to his employer within weeks and ask for his old job back.

What Grant Cardone has been saying is that you need people, never try to go at it alone. Now more than ever we need to be working closely with people specially those with shared goals and aspirations. I was also listening to a Russel Brunson podcast recently and he too talked about when he was starting out and how he basically went to people that had a huge following and email lists, and thought of how he can add value to them whether it be to create certain content or software or anything else that they could use for their business and audience. He would not ask for any money but in return all he asked was for it to be co-branded and that his name gets mentioned. He was playing the long-term game and wanted people to start recognizing his name. This way he could sell to them more easily in the future and monetize later on.

This is why I made the decision to implement sales funnels at the company where I work while also working on my side project. This has allowed me to test and implement all the marketing material and sales funnel ideas I am learning in a more supportive environment where I get to both contribute to the company as well as not having to put up my own personal resources for the mistakes and learning curve along the way. The learning curve will also be faster as there already is a team at the company such as graphic designers, video editors and all other support staff who can help get my ideas implemented a lot quicker than if I was trying to do it on my own with limited resources.

Grew up and lived in Dubai for 18 years, started a new journey mid-Covid and moved to Toronto. Currently busy working on my 5-year goals. 10X!