Using Clickfunnels For An Upcoming Kickstarter Campaign

About a month ago while browsing the internet to check the latest on tech websites, I decided to also go on Kickstarter and Indiegogo to see what products were trending. All of a sudden I had a realization that we too should plan and run a crowdfunding campaign.

I work on developing our OEM and ODM brands and there are some products where we completely develop them from scratch in partnership with the factories that we work with. We design the way the item looks, specifications and parameters and other customizations so that we can manufacture a unique product that isn’t out there in the market under other brands. A lot of what I was seeing on these crowdfunding platforms were nothing truly extraordinary in my view since by now I have a decent understanding of what goes into a product and the level of difficulty in making such a product, and yet those items were raising considerable funding on these platforms.

I told myself why not us? We are developing some unique products such as a smart power strip that is controllable through mobile application and is compatible with Google Assistant and Alexa. It is a project we have under development for our region, but we could make a version for North America with the required plugs for this region and promote it on Kickstarter. I am now making a roadmap for our campaign and will be presenting it to my boss next month when I fly back to Dubai. I will go into detail about the general framework when wanting to promote your product on these crowdfunding platforms in a later post, but one of the main things that is required prior to a campaign launch is building landing pages and an email list.

This is used to promote and raise awareness about an upcoming campaign, to have people be directed to your landing page to present more information about the product and more importantly have them leave their email addresses so we could contact them once the product went live on Kickstarter.

I will be building my landing page through Clickfunnels as it is optimized for this process. It is very simple to set up with an array of functionality for videos and even pre-selling other products and services prior to launch by transitioning these leads into sales funnels. Moreover, the amount of material and resources on marketing yourself and your products which are available within the Clickfunnels community are of great value. Books such as Expert Secrets and Traffic Secrets are invaluable for a process like launching a crowdfunding campaign. These books entail and demonstrate the correct messaging for your product or service, how to pre-frame your offer, how to instill belief into your potential customers for the product or service you are creating as well as how to raise awareness and get your message out to the world.

You can visit the Clickfunnels website and obtain your 14-day free trial to see what this software is capable of, as well as all their other program offerings.

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